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2004 Northern Illinois Winter JACKRABBIT Rules

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The Northern Illinois Winter Jackrabbit Program has been going on for over 30 years. The participating clubs compete for a traveling trophy. This trophy is presented to the club that wins the most Sunday shoots. Each participating club hosts two Program events at their club. The team score is determined by taking the five highest club member’s scores shot on that day. The highest team total wins that Sunday.

This is a great opportunity to join your other club members and visit some of the local clubs. Participating clubs in 2004 are: McHenry Sportsmen's Club, St. Charles Sportsmen's Club, Northbrook Sports Club, and Glen Ridge Trap Club.

Shooters must be members of the club they are shooting for and can only shoot for ONE CLUB PER YEAR.


50 targets are shot at each Program Event – 25 Singles and 25 Handicap (yardage based on Singles Score between 20 and 25 yards).

The hosting club will squad shooters and act as Event judges.

If there are weather problems, the weekly hosting club will make a decision regarding the shoot. Cancelled shoots will not be made up.

Cost for the Program each week is $17.00. This is distributed as follows: $8.00 to the hosting club; $4.00 to the Daily Lewis; $3.00 to the Team Lewis; $1.00 for High Gun; and $1.00 for the Carry Over Purse.

The event starts at 10:00 AM. The hosting club is to be open between 9:00 and 9:30 to allow sign-up and practice.

There is a club buy-in of $25.00 for each club payable on the first day the club hosts the Jackrabbit. This money is added to the Carry Over Purse/50 Straight Fund.


Every entry will play a Daily Lewis (no exceptions). This money will be paid out using a standard Lewis calculation for 3 classes – One Money – Ties Divide.


Every entry will play a Team Lewis. This money will be paid out to the winning teams using a standard Lewis calculation for 2 classes – One Money – Ties Divide. Team score is determined by the total of the five highest scores for that club. The money should be placed in an envelope with the winning team name and a list of the team shooters with the five highest scores and ties.


Included in Daily Entry Fee and is paid to the highest shooter of the day. Ties Divide. All weekly High Gun (High scores) will be eligible for the High Gun Shoot Off for $50.00 at the Special Event on the last Sunday of the Jackrabbit.


Weekly host club is responsible for determination and distribution of payouts. Payouts are to be made by the hosting club on the day of the shoot if possible and on the day of the next Jackrabbit Program event for sure. A listing of winners will be posted at the next Jackrabbit Program Event.


The Special Event will take place on the last Sunday of the Jackrabbit Program.  It will consist of a Calcutta, Jackrabbit Program, Carry Over Lewis and High Gun Shoot Off.


Anyone shooting the Jackrabbit Program is eligible for the Calcutta. Buy-in is $10.00. Minimum bid is $5.00. (No bid, you buy yourself for $5.00.) Payouts are 50% - 30% - 20% (Buyer 60% - Shooter 40%)


The Carry Over Lewis will consist of $1.00 per each entry each week and accumulates for the entire duration of the Jackrabbit Program. At the Special Event, 5 Lewis Classes will be determined based on the days results and those shooters will shoot off for the Carry Over Money. This will be paid 60%/40%. The shoot offs will be 10 targets at the handicap yardage shot on that day. Remember – you must shoot in 6 of the first 9 Sundays to be eligible for the Carry Over Lewis Event. THE LAST SHOOT DOES NOT COUNT TOWARDS ELIGIBILITY.


The High Gun Shoot off will be 25 targets from the 25 yard line. Ties will be shot off using 10 targets.


Anyone shooting 50 straight on any Sunday will win an additional $25.00 – Ties Divide.

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