May 18, 2008 Illini Indian ATA Shoot Results

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The May 21 , 2008 Illini Indian ATA Shoot results are as follows:

This event was a standard ATA Registered shoot.
100 single targets, 100 Handicap targets and 50 pairs of doubles.

This shoot was our Illini Indian shoot (posted below ATA results)

ATA Shooting Results:

SINGLES: 29 shooters:

    Class A: George Strode (99x100) RU: Dan Schocke (over Fed Moffatt) (95x100)
    Class B: Frank Chiovatero (94x100)
    (over Ken Neal)
    RU: Ken Neal (94x100)
    Class C: Jim Kaufman (93x100) RU: Chuck Sandlin (92x100)
    Class D: John Orlowski (88x100)
    Veteran: Doug Bretl (87x100)
    Lady: Kaitlyn Kraus (59x100)
    Junior: Jeff Neal (92x100)

HANDICAP: 21 shooters:

    19-21 yds: Dan Schocke (92x100) RU: Frank Chiovatero (90x100)
    22-24 yds: Rick Van Etten (93x100) RU: George Strode (88x100)
    25-27 yds: Chuck Sandlin (79x100)
    Veteran: William Anderson (83x100)

DOUBLES: 8 shooters:

    Class A: No Entrants
    Class B: Matt Somers (81x100)
    Class C: Rick Van Etten (92x100)
    (over Pat Haskins)
    RU: Pat Haskins (92x100)

Illini Indian Shooting Results:

Class A: George Strode (99x100)
Class B: Frank Chiovatero (94x100)
(over Ken Neal)
Class C: Jim Kaufman (93x100)
Class D: John Orlowski (88x100)
Sub-Junior: No Entrants
Junior: Jeff Neal (92x100)
Lady: No Entrants
Veteran: No Entrants
Senior Veteran: Doug Bretl (87x100)
Handicap: Rick Van Etten (93x100)

Congratulations to the winners.