April 20, 2008:
Dave Hillstrom Memorial ATA Registered Shoot Results

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The Dave Hillstrom Memorial ATA Registered Shoot results are as follows:

This event was a standard ATA Registered shoot.
100 single targets, 100 Handicap targets and 50 pairs of doubles.

16 Yard SINGLES:

    Champion: Dan Schocke(98 x 100) OVER: JT Main, Don Schultz, John Tomczak and John McQuade
    Class A: John McQuade(98 x 100) OVER: JT Main
    Class B: Don Schultz(98 x 100) OVER: John Tomczak
    Class C: John Hangey(94 x 100)
    Class D: Michael Schacht(92 x 100) OVER: Bob Stengel
    Veteran: James Dawson(95 x 100)
    Lady: Kaitlyn Kraus(70 x 100)
    Junior: William Schwnee(96 x 100)
    Lewis: 98:John McQuade
    95:Roger Schade
    92:Michael Schacht and Bob Stngel
    98:John Orlowski and Tom Kraus


    Champion: James Dawson(98 x 100) OVER: Tom Kraus
    19-21 yds: Ken Neal(95 x 100) OVER: William Schwanee
    22-24 yds: George Strode(90 x 100)
    25-27 yds: Charlie Bickle(97 x 100)
    Lewis: 97:Charlie Bickle
    94:Greg Nutt and TJ Main
    90:Roger Schad
    73:Bill Boyd

DOUBLES: (event cancelled)

Congratulations to the winners.