June 29, 2008 Silver Buckle ATA Shoot Results

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The June 29, 2008 Silver Buckle ATA Shoot Results are as follows:

This event was a standard ATA Registered shoot.
100 single targets, 100 Handicap targets and 50 pairs of doubles.

Lenny Huhn, Sr. SINGLES: 36 shooters:

    Class A: George Strode - Silver Buckle  (99x100) RU: David Stanonik - over Ray Plummer  (98x100)
    Class B: Bill Huhn - Silver Buckle  (98x100)
    (over Matt Wood)
    RU: Matt Wood  (94x100)
    Class C: Larry White - Silver Buckle  (95x100) RU: Richard Fitch  (93x100)
    Class D: Mick Schacht - Silver Buckle  (98x100) RU: Jerry Bandman  (93x100)
    Veteran: Harvey Scharlau - Silver Money Clip  (97x100)
    Lady: Sandra Bandman - Heart Shaped Buckle  (93x100)
    Junior: Tom Kilinski - Silver Buckle  (95x100)

Paul Rieger HANDICAP: 26 shooters:

    CHAMPION: Greg Rauhut - Silver Buckle  (96x100)
    (over Bill Huhn)
    19-21 yds: Roger Schad - Silver Buckle  (95x100) RU: Jeff Neal (94x100)
    22-24 yds: Bill Huhn - Silver Buckle  (96x100) RU: George Strode (88x100)
    25-27 yds: Chuck Sandlin - Silver Buckle  (86x100)
    Veteran: Harvey Scharlau  (93x100)
    Junior: Tom Kilinski  (86x100)

DOUBLES: 12 shooters:

    Class A: Greg Rauhut  (96x100)
    Class B: George Strode  (93x100)
    Class C: Mick Schacht  (89x100)


    George Strode  (280x300) (over Mick Schacht)

Congratulations to the winners.