2009 Club Championship Results

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The 2009 Club Championship results are as follows:

This event was a club championship open to all club members.
No ATA registered targets were thrown.

50 single targets, 50 Handicap targets (Jackrabbit style), 50 Wobble targets and 25 pairs of doubles.

CLUB CHAMPION: Bob Shaw - (97 x 100)
High Overall Champion Butch Akerman - (140 x 150)
Lady Champion Noll Mach - (83 x 100)
Vet Champion Rick Van Etten - (96 x 100)
Junior Champion Katie Rauhut - (65 x 100)
Louis Pitzen
Handicap Champion
Gregg Timm (46 x 50)
Long Yardage Champion: Roger Schad over Bill Huhn (45 x 50)
Short Yardage Champion: Gene Higby over Brian Lendzion and Jerry Haile (46 x 50)

Matt Wood Singles Champion: Matt Wood - (50 x 50)
Class A: Rick Van Etten
Class B: Dennis Foutch
Class C: Ben Rauhut
Class D: Will Youngs

Mick Schacht Doubles Champion: Al Prokopek - (44 x 50)
Class A: Butch Akerman
Class B: Dennis Foutch
Class C: Bob Shaw

Roger Schad Wobble Champion: Greg Rauhut (50 x 50)
Class A: George Strode
Class B: Ken Rauhut
Class C: Jerry Haile
Class D: David Knarr

Congratulations to the winners.