2009 Jackrabbit Special Event Results

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The March 08, 2009 Jackrabbit Special Event results are as follows:

Event was hosted after the Jackrabbit Shoot at: Saint Charles Sportsmen's Club

Traveling Trophy: Won by: Sycamore Sportsmen's Club

High Gun Shootoff:
Winner: John McQuade (25/25)

Calcutta Results: Total Shooters: 28
First Place (47):
Winner: Jake Ulrich
Second Place (45):
Winner: Chuck Lenschow
Third (43):
Winner: John Karel

Lewis class winners:
First (47-44):
Winner (60%): Jake Ulrich
Runner-up (40%): Roger Schad
Second (42):
Winner (60%): John McQuade
Runner-up (40%): Mark Johnson and Brad Lewis
Third (40):
Winner (60%): Tom McCue
Runner-up (40%): Gordon Kohn
Forth (38):
Winner (60%): Frank Halsey
Runner-up (40%): Steve Pagels
Fifth (35):
Winner (60%): Mike Lunebach
Runner-up (40%): JF Matthys

Congratulations to the winners.