What is a Jackrabbit Shoot  •  2009 Jackrabbit Rules

The 2009 Jackrabbit Shoot Schedule

Date Club Hosting Shoot Reported
January 4 Sycamore Sportsmen's Club Sycamore
January 11 Maywood Sportsmen's Club Sycamore
January 18 McHenry Sportsmen's Club McHenry
January 25 Saint Charles Sportsmen's Club Sycamore
February 1 Sycamore Sportsmen's Club Sycamore
February 8 Northbrook Sports Club McHenry
February 15 McHenry Sportsmen's Club McHenry
February 22 Maywood Sportsmen's Club McHenry Sycamore
March 1 Northbrook Sportsmen's Club McHenry Sycamore
March 8 Saint Charles Sportsmen's Club Sycamore

Special Event Poster
Special Events Results

Sycamore Sportsmen's Club WINS 2009 Jackrabbit Season !!!

DAILY FEE: 20.00

  • 25 Singles, 25 Handicap
  • Event opens 9:30 AM, starts at: 10:00 AM
  • Entries close at 12:00 PM
  • Five LEWIS Classes (Ties divide)
  • Two team LEWIS Classes (Ties divide)
  • High Gun (Ties divide)

SPECIAL EVENT (March 8 at Saint Charles Sportsmen's Club)

  • Carry over pot (one dollar per entry per week)
  • You must have shot six of the first nine events to qualify
  • Five carry-over LEWIS classes
  • High Gun Shoot-off
  • (SPECIAL EVENT proceedings)