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2011 Jackrabbit Warmup Shoot Series Results are as follows:

This event was a special 50 target non-ATA event.
25 single targets, 25 Handicap targets (jackrabbit style).
The intention was to host several Jackrabbit practice shoots prior to the official 2012 Jackrabbit season.

This series is over, thank you for participating.

Our first official Jackrabbit shoot is at Sycamore on January 8, 2012,
See all of you there.

December 11:

High Gun: Paul Rogers
Second Lewis: Rick Van Etten, Dave Buker, Brett Dalton, Bill Huhn, Chip Porter, Ron Raupp, and Jeremy DeAngelis
Third Lewis: Ted Beskow

December 4:

High Gun: Paul Rogers
Second Lewis: Al Braden, Jim Christie, Bill Huhn and Matt Wood
Third Lewis: Tom Kraus and Rick VanEtten

November 20:

High Gun: Jim Christie
Second Lewis: Tom Kraus, Rich Krueger and Alan Prokopek
Third Lewis: Jack A???, Ted Beskow and Al Bradenn

November 13:

High Gun: Butch Ackerman and Jim Christie
Second Lewis: Jeremy DeAngelis and Ron Raupp
Third Lewis: Al Braden, Bill Huhn and John Marciniak

October 30:

High Gun: Butch Ackerman
Second Lewis: Tim Kraus
Third Lewis: Bill Huhn

October 23:

High Gun: Charlie Bickle
Second Lewis: Butch Ackerman, Bill Huhn, Greg Timm and Rick Van Etten
Third Lewis: Jeremy DeAngelis, Rich Krueger and Ron Raupp

Congratulations to the winners.