2014 Family Picnic Pictures


PROGRAM for this event

Video of Large Bore shotgun shooting

(Video is 5 minutes, 41 seconds (111 Megabytes), may take some time to start on your first view).

OK, the video is big, so alternatively, you download the video in one or more of these formats:
1) 111 MB 480x272 WMV file     2) 38 MB 640x480 FLV file     3) 13 MB 480x272 MP4 file
4) 112 MB 480x272 WMV clips [zipped]     5) 626 MB original 640x480 AVI clips [zipped]

Our Family Picnic occurs once a year and is provided to all club members and their families.
No "formal" shooting took place. Everything, (including the shooting) was for family fun and enjoyment.

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