By Richard A. Pearson

On November 14th, 2006, the Cook County Board passed an amendment to the Cook County “Assault Weapons” ban. As you may recall, in July of 2006 this amendment was stopped, at that time, the Cook County Board tabled the amendment. On November 14th, 2006 the amendment was removed from the table and voted on. By bringing forth the amendment in this way, only a few insiders could have known that it was coming up and would be voted on. The push for this amendment was spearheaded by Larry Suffredin, a lobbyist for the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, a local gun control organization with connections to national anti-gun organizations, including the Violence Policy Center and the Brady Campaign.

I urge all gun owners to call their Cook County Commissioner and tell them you oppose this ordinance and you want it overturned. Below you will find a list of Cook County Commissioners and their phone numbers. Please call them today. Your County Board district is listed on your Voter’s Registration Card.

For details on the “Assault Weapons” ban please read the article posted on our web site,





District 1

Earlean Collins

Phone: 312/603-4566
Fax: 312/603-3696


District 2

Robert Steele

Phone: 312/603-3019
Fax: 312/603-4055

District 3

Jerry “Iceman” Butler

Phone: 312/603-6391
Fax: 312/603-5671

District 4

William M. Beavers

Phone: 312/603-6398


District 5

Deborah Sims

Phone: 312/603-6381


District 6

Joan Patricia Murphy

Phone: 312/603-4216
Fax: 312/603-3693

District 7

Joseph Mario Moreno

Phone: 312/603-5443
Fax: 312/603-3759


District 8

Robert Maldonado

Phone: 312/603-6386
Fax: 312/443-9531

District 9

Peter N. Silvestri

Phone: 312/603-4393
Fax: 312/443-1154


District 10

Mike Quigley

Phone: 312/603-4210
Fax: 312/603-3695

District 11

John P. Daley

Phone: 312/603-4400
Fax: 312/603-6688


District 12

Forrest Claypool

Phone: 312/603-6380
Fax: 312/603-1265


District 13

Larry Suffredin

Phone: 312/603-6383
Fax: 312/603-3622

District 14

Gregg Goslin

Phone: 312/603-4932
Fax: 312/603-3686

District 15

Timothy O. Schneider

Phone: 312/603-6388


District 16

Anthony J. Peraica

Phone: 312/603-6384
Fax: 312/603-4744

District 17

Elizabeth Ann Doody Gorman

Phone: 312/603-4215
Fax: 312/603-2014