March 29, 2007 - Report From Springfield

Tonight the Illinois Senate moved SB1471 to 3rd reading. This is scheduled to tomorrow. That does not mean it will be called, just that it could be called. 
If SB1471 is not called tomorrow we will not see the bill until April 17 or after
because Easter break starts after session tomorrow.

Please make a call to your Senator tomorrow, starting at 8:30 am, urging him or her to vote against SB 1471 if it is called.  Remember to be polite to the Senator's secretary, after all she is only the messenger.

The House adjourned for Easter break today.

I will keep you informed.

Richard A. Pearson

.50 Cal Rifle In The News

Got Broadband? Then watch this video from a Fox News affiliate in the Quad Cities area.


Webmaster's Note:  Need the phone number for your Senator?  Here's a list.  Need to find out who your Senator is?  Check the Illinois Election Board.  Keeping lobbyists in Springfield is expensive, please make a legislative donation.