April 11, 2007 - IGOLD Round II

Dear Illinois Gun Owners,

As you know, when the General Assembly adjourned for the holiday break on March 30 many anti-gun owner bills in the Senate were scheduled for a third reading deadline and a vote. Senate President Emil Jones saw fit to extend the deadline on these bills until May 31st and the House deadline for third reading and a vote is April 27th. This means when the General Assembly returns from their holiday break on April 18th the battle for Illinois gun owners' rights will pick right up where it left off . . .

Here's the part about round II: Now let IGOLD stand for Illinois Gun Owner LETTER Day!!! Nearly 1,500 Illinois gun owners attended IGOLD - Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day - at the state capitol back in March, but many, due to work and family obligations, could not attend. This is an IGOLD event that every gun owner in Illinois can take part in!!  So you couldn't go to Springfield on March 14?  Then grab a pen and some stamps!

The goal: For the legislators to find thousands of postcards and letters from Illinois gun owners waiting for them when they return to Springfield on the 18th. There are over a million FOID card holders in the state, with over 250,000 in Cook Co. alone. Can you imagine all those folks sending several thousand pieces of mail to be hauled into these legislators' offices?

The letters and postcards do not have to be eloquent essays on the finer points of the Second Amendment. These cards can simply state:

Please oppose any further restrictions on law-abiding gun owners.
Please support our right to carry for personal and family protection, please support preemption to protect us from a patchwork of conflicting local ordinances.
Vote no on banning guns - vote yes on preemption & right to carry.

So fill in some stationary or postcards, send your Senator and Representative a message, time your mailing to arrive at the capitol on April 18th!! Please forward this to all the gun owners you know! Let's make this a another day these legislators will remember - a day they heard from Illinois gun owners!

REMEMBER: Be polite, be direct, be brief. Let's leave a positive impression of Illinois gun owners.



Webmaster's Note:  Need the Springfield mailing address for your Senator?  Here's a list of addresses.  And here's a list of addresses for the representatives. Need to find out who your Legislators are?  Check the Illinois Election Board.  Sending lobbyists to Springfield is expensive, please make a legislative donation.