May 9, 2007 - ISRA Alert - SB1007 passes IL Senate Vote

Today Senator Kotowski's magazine ban bill passed the Senate with 31 yeas, 26 nays,
1 present and 1 not voting. This bill is headed for the house. It will probably go to an anti-gun committee so it will likely pass out of committee easily to become a floor fight. Please be sure to call your Representative and tell them to oppose SB1007.

I would begin calling right away. We could see this bill next week in the House.

Pass this alert on to everyone you know and to every bulletin board.

Join the ISRA or recruit a new member today.

Please make a legislative donation today. This session is going to last along time and it will be expensive. Freedom is not free!

Richard A. Pearson
Webmaster's note: Need the phone numbers for your Representative?  Here's a list. 
Need to find out who your Legislators are?  Check the Illinois Election Board.