May 16, 2007 - The Report from Springfield

Today SB1007 (Kotowski/Millner Magazine Ban) was not heard in the House Executive Committee. I do expect it to be reported out of committee next week. That means we have almost a week to call, write, and email your representative. I urge everyone to do that.

Remember the Legislative Assistants who answer the phone when you call your legislators have a job to do. They are there to tabulate the number of pro and con calls. Be sure you are pleasant and mannerly. You are not only representing yourself, but me and all other Illinois gun owners, so do it well.

Your calls are working. Keep it up and thank you.

Please post this alert to the bulletin boards that you visit.

If you are not a member of the ISRA, please join.  Please get a friend to join.

Richard A. Pearson

Webmaster's note: 

Need the phone numbers for your Representative and the address of the district office?  Here's a listing.  Need to find out who your Legislators are?  Check the Illinois Election Board.