May 17, 2007 - Springfield Report

Today we continued to work on SB1007 (Magazine Ban). Thanks for all the calls. The Legislative Assistants read yesterdays report on being mannerly and they said to say thank you to all those who called in today. If you have time to send a letter this week to your representative, that would be great.

There is a new bill on the horizon which we need to support. That bill is SB0017 as amended. This is the Woodland Tax bill. SB0017 as amended protects the woodlands and other open areas from tax gouging. This bill is designed to protect hunting and other open lands type recreation. I will tell you more as this develops.
I will include more in tomorrows report.

Please post this report to the bulletin boards that you visit.

If you are not a member of the ISRA, please join.  Please get a friend to join.

Once again thanks for your support.

Richard A. Pearson

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