ISRA Press Release:

ISRA Wonders Whether Saturday Gun Shop Protest Will See Father Pfleger Restore Dignity To His Vocation
    CHICAGO, June 20 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The following was released
today by the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA):

    The ISRA has learned that Fr. Michael Pfleger, Pastor of Chicago's St.
Sabina's Church, is planning yet another march on Chuck's Gun Shop, located
in south suburban Riverdale. Late last month, Fr. Pfleger sparked an
embarrassing controversy for the Chicago Archdiocese by urging those
attending a similar protest to "snuff" Chuck's owner as well as any state
legislator who votes against gun control legislation.

    In a recent e-mail alert, the ISRA urged area firearm owners to attend
a counter-protest at Chuck's scheduled for Saturday, June 23, 2007 at 12:30
PM. The purpose of the counter-protest is to demonstrate support for
Chuck's embattled owner and to rally opposition to gun control bills
pending in the state legislature.

    "Fr. Pfleger's last performance in front of Chuck's shocked the
nation," commented ISRA Executive Director, Richard Pearson. "Imagine
hearing an ordained priest calling for a legitimate businessman and sitting
state legislators to be "snuffed" because they do not subscribe to that
priest's social philosophies. The outrage over Pfleger's hate-filled
remarks was compounded by his refusal to apologize for uttering them, and
the fact that the mainstream press pretty much gave him a pass."

    "The Pfleger situation brings to light an interesting double standard,"
continued Pearson. "Earlier this week, the ISRA released the results of an
investigation into the apparent harassment of gun owners by the Illinois
State Police. In these cases, gun owners were treated to visits to their
homes by state police detectives because they had sent faxes to Sen. Dan
Kotowski expressing opposition to gun control legislation sponsored by the
senator. Based on our investigation, there was not even the slightest hint
of a threat conveyed in the content of the subject faxes. Nonetheless,
these citizens had to bear the embarrassment of having the police show up
at their homes with the additional strain of having to answer humiliating
questions about their mental health and personal lives. In contrast, when
Fr. Pfleger publicly advocated the "snuffing" of state legislators, the
Illinois State Police turned a blind eye and a deaf ear. One would think
that Sen. Kotowski would be especially sensitive to threats against
legislators, yet his anti-gun alliance with Pfleger has left him totally
mum on the priest's dangerous remarks."

    "Fr. Pfleger can rest assured that the videotape will be rolling when
he takes the stage this Saturday in front of Chuck's," said Pearson. "We'll
be watching and listening. It will be interesting to see whether he
displays the dignity and self respect that should accompany his calling, or
whether his identity crisis casts him once again in the role of an absurd,
yet malevolent, cartoon character."

    The ISRA is the state's leading advocate of safe, lawful and
responsible firearms ownership. For more than a century, the ISRA has
represented the interests of more than 1.5 million law-abiding Illinois
firearm owners.

Photos of last week's counter-protest at Chuck's Gun Shop

We've posted more great pictures taken by ISRA member Jeff Marienthal of the march last week at Chuck's, click here to view them.

Make sure that you join us there again on Saturday at 12:30 PM!

If you've not been there before, here's a mapquest map of Chuck's Gun Shop in Riverdale.