Message from ISRA President Don Moran:
ISRA Position on Calls to Legislators

The Illinois State Rifle Association is reiterating its longstanding position that all calls to Legislators and other government officials should be cordial yet firm. We do not endorse, nor have we ever endorsed, calls, letters or faxes that include physical threats of any kind, even those that may be through innuendo. If you are a constituent and would like to convey that you will work aggressively against someone's election or reelection, please be sure that you make your meaning very clear on this point.

Claims have repeatedly been made that persons have made threatening communications to Illinois Legislators or others opposed to firearm rights. While we have not seen any evidence of these communications, even after asking for them, we will say that these sorts of calls are criminal in nature and in this age of technology are easily prosecuted, as they should be. The ISRA will not tolerate physically threatening communications purportedly made in the name of the firearm owners.

As we have stated repeatedly over the years and continue to advise, these sorts of communications do our cause much more harm than good and ask as always that you limit your the communications to the issues. Making threats, or even making public statements indicating that certain persons should be harmed, or that you wouldn't care if they are harmed, obviously places our side on the issue in a very poor light. We ask that our members help police this practice, by denouncing such activity when and wherever it is present.

While some of our opposition has recently made very public physical threats against our members and supporters, we as firearm advocates must always be careful to remain above the fray by keeping our communications on the issues. Whether they are political, legislative, or societal in nature, we should always strive to present ourselves in the highest moral light.


Don Moran
ISRA President