ISRA Springfield Report for July 11, 2007:
No action taken today during special session on SB1007

The Governor's special session No. 8, called especially to bring SB1007 into consideration, began at 2:00pm with a floor statement from the House Sponsor of SB1007, Representative Harry Osterman (D, Chicago).  In a rather short but pragmatic speech, Osterman noted that he not going to be calling for a vote on SB1007 for two reasons: the first was that the time was not right to engage in bringing this bill before the house, the primary task of the legislature at this time is to deal with the budget.  The second reason he gave was that he didn't have enough votes to pass the bill.  He soon called for an adjournment of the special session.

Note that the bill has an immediate effective date, this means that the bill needs a 3/5's majority to pass in special session.  If amended to change the effective date to a year beyond it becoming law, only a simple majority would be needed.  While we could expect to see such an amendment in the future, nothing will likely be done with SB1007 until Illinois has a budget.  SB1007 is not dead and ISRA remains vigilant, but any further action on this bill will be on another day.

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