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ISRA Range Workday This Saturday

From the Tuesday Night Irregulars Rifle League:
A reminder for any of you that need a Range Work Day or just want to pitch in for the good of High Power competition at the ISRA Range:

In conjunction with Sighting-In Day, this coming Saturday, we will have a work party to refurbish our 8:25 AM 10/27/2008 targets. Work Days start at 8:00 am.


56 Counties and counting...
Tazewell County Board Approves 2nd Amendment Resolution 20-1!

Thanks to ISRA members John Webb and Roger Ingold who provided momentum.

Learn more about the County Resolution Movement at Illinois Pro Second Amendment Resolution website.


Sample letter for sending in comments on the proposed FOID age restriction

After we posted today's press release, sent out in an earlier email alert, several reader wrote in to ask where to send comments about the ISP's proposed age restriction for FOIDs.
You can review our earlier alert (10/03/2007), where we provided details on sending in your comments, in a printer-friendly version, right here. We've posted a sample letter here.