Posted: 05/14/2008

Important Information on Pending Legislation
ISRA Position Papers Available for Download

Dear ISRA member,

With the threat of anti-gunners trying to move a ban on magazines, we are sending you links to the talking points and positional papers we are using at the capitol to help keep you informed about the bill and to help you when you talk to legislators.

Take time to download them and read them over. Feel free to copy them and hand them out to your friends to keep them up to speed on what is going on.  Adobe Reader is required to read the downloads, you can get that free from Adobe.

With Regards from
The ISRA Legislative Committee

Gangs - Not Guns
PDF- 350KB
With a gang war erupting on the streets of Chicago, Mayor Daley and others continue to blame gun owners. They say it is the guns that cause the problem. Yet news reports tell a different story. Here's a link to a handout the ISRA is using at the capitol to educate legislators about what the real problem is.
SB1007 - A Gun Ban by Another Name
PDF- 210KB
The first in a series of talking points about SB1007. It's more than a ban on the normal capacity magazines you already own, it's a gun ban.