Posted: 05/15/2008

Springfield Report - 5/14/2008
The Illinois House is now out for the day with no gun bills called, it's all safe for the moment on that front. We have been anticipating some movement this week, so updates will be posted and email alerts sent as needed.

More ISRA Position Papers on SB1007

With the threat of anti-gunners trying to move a ban on magazines, we are sending you links to the talking points and positional papers we are using at the capitol to help keep you informed about the bill and to help you when you talk to legislators.

Here are additional position papers for SB1007, the magazine and gun ban currently in the Illinois House.

Take time to download them and read them over. Feel free to copy them and hand them out to your friends to keep them up to speed on what is going on.  Adobe Reader is required to read the downloads, you can get that free from Adobe.

With Regards from
The ISRA Legislative Committee

SB1007 - The Hidden Gun Ban
PDF- 350KB
Proponents of SB-1007 don?t want to admit it?s a gun ban. From the 1873 Winchester John Wayne made immortal, to the Henry Rifle designed by B. Tyler Henry (used by Danny Glover in Silverado), the guns that won the west would be banned under SB-1007.
SB1007 - Unenforceable -- Unworkable
PDF- 270KB
Magazines do not have serial numbers. When confronted by law enforcement, the burden of proof will shift to the gun owner to prove that they did indeed own the magazine in question prior to the date SB-1007 became law.