Posted: 05/20/2008

Springfield Report for May 20, 2008

The House has adjourned for the day with no action on SB-1007.  Our long-time opponent Rep. Osterman has been out with the birth of a new child.

HB5191 is up for a hearing in Senate Judiciary Criminal Law tomorrow at 10:00.  This bill would give the ISP the power to revoke the FOID of parents whose minor child gains access, by any means, to firearms or ammunition.

ISRA Position Paper on HB5191

Take time to download this paper and read it over. Feel free to hand paper copies out to your friends, or send them the link via email to keep them up to speed on what is going on. 

HB5191 - DCFS Should Be Protecting Kids, Not Taking Away Guns
PDF- 338KB
No firearm or harm necessary: If a child obtains a single round of ammunition that is enough to start the process. While the bill requires two incidents, no firearm is necessary for an incident to qualify under HB-5191. Also unlike the mandatory storage law, no injury is required.