Posted: 07/22/2008, Webmaster's comment added: 10/25/2008

Wilmette Village Board Meeting - Tuesday, July 22, 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Repeal of handgun ban to be voted on, anti-gunners to be in attendance

The Village of Wilmette is expected to vote on a repeal of their handgun ban Tuesday evening. 

It is expected that anti-gunners will try to make some attempt to sway the board to keep the ban in place, or to make it difficult and embarrassing to own a handgun in the village.

Here is a link to the meeting agenda.  The repeal of the handgun ban is listed at 6.64.

ISRA members that are Wilmette residents or in the area are urged to attend. The Village Hall is located at 1200 Wilmette Avenue. 

Webmaster's Comment:

The link to Wilmette's meeting agenda is updated monthly and therefore no longer contains the information discussed in this Alert.

The following link: meeting minutes contains the actual minutes from this meeting and shows how the repeal was passed by the village board. It was well discussed as may be seen by the minutes provided by this link.