Posted: 08/08/2000

Pro-2ndAmendment Resolution in Lake County
Come to Waukegan on Tuesday Morning

The Pro Second Amendment Resolution
Will be brought before the Lake County Board on
Tuesday, August 12th 2008, at 9 am,
at 18 N. County St. 10th Floor Waukegan IL 60085

There will be a security check at the County Building with metal detectors, etc.
Donít be armed in any way flashlights, knives, etc.
Allow extra time. Be there about Ĺ hr before 8:30 am or even earlier.
We appreciate the support you have shown and
would like to see all of you at this meeting.

We have been informed that ICHV has sent an alert
to get anti-gunners to the board meeting to
stand against the 2nd Amendment.
This makes it even more important that you attend.

Come show your support for the
Constitution and the Second Amendment.
Please be there. We want to see standing room only.
Help protect your rights.