Posted: 10/11/2008

ISRA-PVF Press Release:
ISRA Political Victory Fund Announces List of Pro-Gun Candidate Endorsements

CHICAGO, Oct. 10 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The following was released today by the ISRA Political Victory Fund (ISRA-PVF):

The ISRA-PVF is pleased to announce its candidate endorsements for the 2008 general election. In total, 69 candidates for various races for the Illinois House, Illinois Senate, and Cook County State's Attorney were endorsed. An additional 21 were granted a "preferred" status by the ISRA-PVF. Campaign endorsements are granted to candidates who have demonstrated a deep appreciation for Illinois' heritage of safe and lawful firearm ownership and who have proven themselves to be reliable and unwavering supporters of the issues important to law-abiding Illinois firearm owners.

Topping the ISRA-PVF endorsement list is Tony Peraica, who is the Republican candidate for Cook County State's Attorney. Mr. Peraica has a long-standing record of support on issues important to the law-abiding firearm owner. On the other hand, Peraica's Democratic opponent, Anita Avarez, has promised to use the State's Attorney's office as a platform to advance the Daley Gun Control Campaign. Thus, Alvarez is totally unsuitable for the job as State's Attorney.

Key ISRA-PVF endorsements in the Illinois Senate include Christine Radogno (R-41), Mike Jacobs (D-36), Dan Rutherford (R-53) and Gary Forby (D-59). Over in the Illinois House, key endorsements include Brent Hassert (R-85), Jack Franks (D-63), Bill Black (R-104) and Careen Gordon (D-75).

A complete list of ISRA-PVF candidate endorsements and candidate ratings may be found at

The ISRA-PVF wishes all of its endorsed and preferred candidates the best of luck on Election Day.

The ISRA Political Victory Fund is a political action committee affiliated with the Illinois State Rifle Association. A copy of our report is available for a fee from the Illinois State Board of Elections.