Posted: 10/23/2008

ISRA-PVF: Anita Alvarez Absolutely Unqualified for Cook County State's Attorney Post

CHICAGO, Oct 20, 2008 /PRNewswire-USNewswire via COMTEX/ -- The following was released today by the ISRA Political Victory Fund (ISRA-PVF):

The ISRA-PVF is warning Cook County (IL) voters that Democratic candidate Anita Alvarez is unsuitable for the position of Cook County State's Attorney. This warning comes in light of statements made by Alvarez during an interview taped for the cable-TV show, "Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz." The video of the Alvarez interview may be seen at:

During her December 9, 2007 interview with Berkowitz, Alvarez states that a homeowner does not have the right to use a firearm to defend family and self from home invaders. Alvarez goes on to state that women do not have a right to use a gun to defend themselves against violent assault or to defend themselves from abusive spouses.

Later in the interview, Alvarez states that she does not "believe in" the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and that she would support a law that would both prevent anyone from purchasing firearms, and provide for the confiscation of firearms owned by law-abiding citizens.

"Anita Alvarez possesses a seriously flawed view of the U.S. Constitution along with a cavalier disregard for the safety of law-abiding citizens," commented ISRA-PVF spokesman Richard Pearson. "That's a bad combination for the crime-weary citizens of Cook County."

"Alvarez holds to the gun control movement's tired notion that people who are robbed, raped and murdered are just victims of a bad roll of the dice," continued Pearson. "Alvarez makes her feelings perfectly clear in the TV interview. As far as Alvarez is concerned, if the police arrive in time to save a victim, fine. If not, then the victim just becomes another statistic. To Anita Alvarez, achieving the political objective of banning guns is more important than saving innocent lives."

"Cook County needs a State's Attorney who will be tough on crime while respecting the rights of law-abiding citizens," said Pearson. "What Cook County doesn't need is another dreamy-eyed gun controller like Anita Alvarez as its top law-enforcement officer. That is why the ISRA-PVF has endorsed the candidacy of Tony Peraica for Cook County State's Attorney."

The ISRA-PVF is a political action committee affiliated with the Illinois State Rifle Association. A copy of our report is available for a fee from the Illinois State Board of Elections.

CONTACT: Richard Pearson, ISRA Political Victory Fund, (815) 635-3166