Posted: 05/10/2009


Two key “swing vote” suburban Republican State Representatives (Sandra Pihos (R-42) and Patti Bellock (R-47)) will be holding a town hall meeting on Monday, May 11, 2009 at the Downers Grove Rec Center, 4500 Belmont Road, Downers Grove, IL at 7:00 PM.

It is very important that law-abiding gun owners attend this town hall meeting. Each of these two State Reps tends to be “moderate” on the issue of gun rights. We really need to get these two Reps on our side. So, if at all possible, please attend this town hall and ask the representatives the following questions:

1. When will Illinois get Concealed Carry?

2. When is the legislature going to stop treating lawful gun owners like criminals and start treating criminals like criminals?

Please be polite. We are looking to get these two Reps in our corner – not push them into the corner of the other side.

Thanks you for your continued support!