Posted: 10/18/2009

What's the ISRA done for me this week?

On 8 October 2009, the Illinois Supreme Court issued a unanimous opinion on the People v. Diggins case.

Because this matter concerned an interpretation of how a firearm can be transported legally within Illinois, the ISRA felt it was important that certain points be brought before the court in order to clarify the legislatures' intent at the time the law was debated.

With the ISRA's knowledge of the legislative history pertaining to this part of the Criminal Code, ISRA's attorney, Victor D. Quilici filed an Amicus Brief, (friend of the court), with the above purpose in mind.

The ISRA is pleased with the Court's decision which we feel is in line with the legislature's original intent.

Thanks especially go out to Tiffany Ritchie Esq. of the Schrier & Ritchie law firm in Peoria, Illinois who handled the case and its arguments including the oral argument before the Supreme Court. Tiffany did a spectacular job in her briefs and arguments and we were very happy to be associated in her case.

For a more technical analysis of the decision, click here.

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