(Received: 02/18/2010, Posted: 02/18/2010)

Clyde Howell of Howell Shooting Club

For those of you who have not heard, Clyde Howell passed yesterday
afternoon. There will be service for him Thursday, February 18th
at 2:00 p.m. at Plattville United Methodist on the corner of Church and
Plattville Roads just off Chicago Avenue. It's a beautiful, quaint church
with a steeple; you can't miss it.

As you know the shooting and hunting sports have lost a great, great
supporter. Literally thousands of adults and young people have learned to
shoot on Clyde & Yvonne's farm over the past 50+ years. Who else would have
made their home open to thousands of strangers to give them the opportunity
to learn about this sport we love?

At this summer's camp we would have celebrated Clyde's 95th birthday. Let's
turn out on Thursday to celebrate his life. It would be most fitting for as
many people as possible to show up for the service to see off a gentleman
who spent his entire life supporting what we love to do. And I know it would
be most comforting for Yvonne to know so many of their friends were there to
see him off and comfort her.

This message is forwarded from an Aurora Sportsmen's Club alert.