(Received: 04/29/2010, Posted: 04/30/2010)


Welcome to the first installment of "The Pearson Report" - a new on-line feature of the Illinois State Rifle Association. The intent of this weekly newsletter is to provide you with my take on the national and statewide events that affect your gun rights. I sincerely hope that you find "The Pearson Report" to be informative and helpful in your own personal battle to preserve and protect your gun rights.

Before I discuss what's going on this week, I have an important message for all you shooters out there. If you've been thinking about joining the ISRA Kankakee Range, right now would be the time to do it. As you know, the U.S. Supreme Court will soon be issuing a decision in the McDonald case. I fully expect the decision to be favorable to the 2nd Amendment and especially to gun owners here in Illinois. If the Court rules as I suspect, the good people of Chicago will finally be free of over two decades of anti-gun tyranny. As a result, I expect a huge rush on gun shops as Chicagoans exercise their restored rights.

I also expect a huge rush on memberships to the ISRA Range. If things go as I expect, we will have to establish a waiting list for range memberships. Unfortunate, but a waiting list will be the only way to ensure that our members are served in an effective and orderly fashion. So, my advice to you would be to apply for your range membership, today, before the rush begins. In fact, I am already seeing an increase in membership applications as smart folks apply now in anticipation of the McDonald ruling. Don't be disappointed, join the ISRA Range today! Click here to get more information on joining the ISRA Range!

And now for the unpleasant stuff. The week of April 26th is shaping up to be one of those nightmare weeks for those of us who honor and respect the right to keep and bear arms. After late last week's spate of shootings in Chicago, Mayor Daley and his band of gun-grabbers renewed their attacks on the law abiding gun owner. Rather than blame the state's woefully ineffective criminal justice system for flooding our streets with unrepentant criminals, the gun-haters turned once again to you, the lawful gun owner, to serve as punching bag for Daley's inability to control his own city.

Daley kicked off this week with a press conference during which he totally ignored the true causes of criminal violence, choosing rather to pin the blame on you and me - demanding that the General Assembly enact laws to take our guns away. In one of the more zany spectacles this week, two members of the House called upon the governor to deploy the National Guard to Chicago's neighborhoods. Apparently neither gentleman has read our Constitution. Thankfully, Governor Quinn ignored their request.

As I write this newsletter to you, there are literally dozens of gun control bills just waiting to be released to the House floor by Speaker Mike Madigan. According to what we are hearing down here in Springfield, there is a pretty good chance that Madigan will push some of the more noxious bills to the floor some time either this week, or next week. These bills include dealer licensing, bans on semiautomatic pistols, rifles and shotguns, one gun a month and other serious threats to your freedoms.

Earlier this week, we sent you an alert with a list of these bad bills along with instructions on how to contact your legislators and express your opposition to the bills. It's very important that you remain in touch with your legislators so they are constantly reminded that Chicago-style gun control is not acceptable.

I have seen another troubling development arise in the past couple of weeks. As you know, President Obama's popularity is slipping badly. At the same time, a conservative grassroots political movement (the Tea Party) is on the rise. Predictably, supporters of Obama and his policies are not very happy with this turn of events. In response, they are trying to create political and cultural divide amongst Americans. Obama's people have making false claims that the conservative grassroots movement and supporters of the 2nd Amendment are dangerous militants bent on tearing down America. These accusations are utterly false and damaging to the nation's social fabric at a time when solidarity is needed to overcome our economic woes. If you hear someone claiming that lawful firearm owners are a danger to social order, vigorously oppose such lies with the facts. Do not allow partisan naysayers tear down your heritage.

On that note, I will close this week's edition of "The Pearson Report." Please check your mailbox next week for my latest updates. I hope to have better news to report at that time. Remember, only you can save your guns. If you do not act to preserve your rights, nobody else will!