(Received: 05/13/2010, Posted: 05/13/2010)



The Illinois State Rifle Association Range has a variety of activities for shooters who want to improve their shooting skills. 

     Shooting in a league is a great way for new shooters to learn about the sport and improve their performance.  For the experienced shooter, leagues provide a great way to keep your abilities tuned up.  When you shoot join a league there is an added benefit, you get to meet and talk to all kinds of great people who like the same things you do.  

     These are just some of the activities you can participate in:

Weekly leagues

1.       Tuesday Night High Power league.  Be there at 5:00pm

2.       Wednesday Bench Rest League.   Be there at 3:00pm

3.       Thursday Smallbore League.  Be there at 5:00pm

Other  Leagues include:

4.       Springfield pistol Match on May 30 th, October 24 th.

This is for Springfield 1911’s,  XD’s and XDM’s only

5.       Glock league on June 27 th, July 25 th, and August 29 th.

This is for Glock Pistols only.

6.       Bullseye league.   May 16 th, June 13 th, August 22 nd, September 12 th

There are fees for each league match.  These vary by league.

Please consult the Range Calendar  or the Events Calendar  for other matches and activities.

More information and applications are available on-line at the ISRA Range Page  or call the ISRA office at 815-635-3198.