(Received: 05/21/2010, Posted: 05/21/2010)


May 20, 2010

I saw a rather interesting news story the other day reporting that Sarah Brady and her gun control group gave President Obama an "F" rating on gun control advocacy. Apparently, the Bradys feel that the president hasn't lived up to their expectations on the matter of domestic disarmament.

Reading about the Bradys' dismay with Obama caused me to recall a discussion I had about a year or so ago with a well meaning young man who was trying to convince me that Obama "respects" the 2nd Amendment and will not take anyone's guns away from them. Well, on that one point, he and I agreed. I doubt very seriously that Barack Obama is going to send federal troops door to door to confiscate guns from the public. Nevertheless, that does not mean that Obama has had a change of heart on private gun ownership since the day several years ago when he proudly declared to me that he was, "...the biggest anti-gun guy" in the Illinois Senate.

It's important to keep in mind that Barack Obama is a big-picture kind of guy who is on a quest to transform our society into a culture that embraces global progressive ideals. Even under the best of circumstances, this transformation of America would be no simple task. To achieve his objective, Obama would have to fundamentally alter the underpinnings of our society. Americans would have to change their view of our nation's role in world affairs. Americans would have to change their view on how they relate to the environment. And, most certainly, Americans would have to accept a greatly decreased standard of living.

Obama is no dummy. He understands that these macro changes to the American way of life cannot be accomplished by waging successive, hard-fought, political campaigns against the individual flaws he perceives in our society. On the matter of gun control, Obama sees no point in derailing his overall agenda of cultural change by burning boatloads of political capital trying to pass strict gun control measures. He knows that the majority of the members of Congress are either solidly pro-gun, or they are members who may be anti-gun but know they'll get booted out of office for supporting an anti-gun agenda. Certainly, domestic disarmament remains a key component of Obama's overall vision for the United States. However, the path to Obama's gun-free America will not be political - it will be economic.

Whereas our Bill of Rights is the blueprint for freedom, our economy has certainly been liberty's engine. Through abundant natural resources and the inherent efficiency of the American worker, this nation has built the most prosperous society the world has ever seen. Our economic prosperity arises from the fact that the American worker has a surplus of money left over every week after paying for taxes and the necessities of life. This discretionary income has allowed Americans to build an unparalleled standard of living complete with all the modern conveniences of life. In short, worker efficiency essentially allows individual Americans to pretty much buy what we want - when we want it.

Although the vast majority of Americans see our good fortune as prosperity, Obama and his ilk view America's economic success as hegemony. These people feel that the fact that Americans are able to buy such things as vacation homes, SUVs, wide screen TVs and, yes, guns, somehow leads to the oppression of less fortunate people both living in the U.S., and world-wide. The vehicles of this alleged oppression are supposedly such things as environmental damage, "slave labor," and political oppression practiced by puppet dictator governments established by American interests. In the minds of individuals like Obama, it would follow then that restricting Americans' ability to acquire non-essential items would, in turn, relieve world-wide oppression of disadvantaged people. From Obama's point of view, establishment of world-wide justice and equity will only come once Americans have less discretionary income to spend.

We have seen the Obama administration and their pals in Congress move in this direction already. The healthcare bill, "cap and trade" and talk of a value added tax (VAT) are all designed to diminish the American citizen's ability to spend on the things he or she desires. Higher taxation, on the other hand, directs the fruits of the worker's labor to the things that government thinks money should be spent on. Of course, the implication is that Obama and his people do not think that you and I are capable of spending our money responsibly - so they'll do it for us. Of course, anyone who has followed Obama's political career knows that there is no way he would consider a private citizen's acquisition of a firearm as being "responsible spending."

So, just how would Obama accomplish domestic disarmament though economic policies? The answer lies on both the demand and supply sides of the equation. On the demand side, Obama's taxation policies would certainly leave most Americans with less pocket money to spend. With Americans being more cash-poor, guns would not be able to compete favorably with other discretionary items such as entertainment and vacations. Thus, we would witness a precipitous drop in demand for new firearms. That drop in demand would have a serious impact on the supply side of equation. Firearm manufacturers would feel the pinch. Along with a drop in demand, the VAT and carbon taxes would pump up the retail prices of new firearms by 25% or more - further squelching consumer demand. Falling revenues and increasing expenses would drive most firearm manufacturers out of business. In short order, the supply side of private firearm ownership would collapse completely.

Further hits would be felt on the demand side as well. New, more oppressive environmental rules and regulations would make the cost or running ranges prohibitive. Under Obama, rising gasoline and jet fuel prices would place hunting trips out of the reach of most citizens. VAT and carbon taxes would push the prices of ammunition through the roof.

In conclusion, I would say that, based on what we have seen of the Obama administration thus far, there would be no need for controversial gun bans or door to door confiscations to achieve the Obama goal of a gun-free America. Rather, policies already being put in place are setting the process of domestic disarmament in motion. Under these economic policies, Americans will, in effect, voluntarily give up their guns because participation in shooting activities will too expensive and too impractical. Checkmate! Obama would effectively ban private firearm ownership while claiming all along that he "respects" the 2nd Amendment.

As supporters of the 2nd Amendment, we are treading very dangerous ground. That is why you must remain vigilant and up to date with the tricks being played in Washington and Springfield. You must remain in contact your representatives at all levels and let them know that you will not accept any tinkering with your gun rights regardless of whether its under the guise of environmental protection, homeland security, or economic recovery. In these troubled times, we must be very wary of every "reform" put on the table. This is very similar to sighting in a rifle. A small adjustment to your scope means a big change down range. Likewise, a seemingly small change in public policy today could have a huge impact on your rights 3, 5 or even 10 years down the road. This is their plan to destroy not only the 2nd Amendment, but the entire Constitution and the liberties it bestows. So I say to you, remain vigilant, remain active in the protection of your rights, and fight to preserve the greatest nation this planet has ever seen!

On another note, earlier this week I returned from the NRA convention held in Charlotte, North Carolina. As always, the NRA put on a great event that mixed a bit of politics with informative seminars and, of course, the huge display of products offered by gun and shooting accessory manufacturers. Next year's convention will be held in Pittsburgh. If you have never been to an NRA convention, you should think about going next year. You'll have the time of your life. Also, being in the company of 70,000 other freedom lovers proves to be very inspiring in these bleak days of the Obama administration.

In closing this week's report, I'd like to make you aware of two important events coming up. The first is the annual banquet for the ISRA Legal Assistance Committee. This important event helps us raise funds for much of the legal activity you read about in the news, including our efforts in the U.S. Supreme Court in the McDonald v. Chicago case. Consider this your personal invitation to an event where you can learn more about what is being done to protect your rights. Spending an evening with like minded individuals is a heck of a lot better than sitting around watching the weather channel! Oh, did I mention that we have over 20 guns to raffle and auction off? Now that's plenty of reason in itself to show up! The banquet will be held on Friday, May 28th at the Diplomat West Banquet Hall, Elmhurst, IL. Doors open at 5:00 PM with dinner served at 7:00. If you are interested in tickets, please call (815) 635-3198.

The second event I would like to alert you to is the ISRA Range Open House which will take place on June 26, 2010. This event would be a great opportunity for you to come down and see our range and test shoot all the great firearms that will be on display from our vendor partners. The open house starts at 10:00 AM and wraps up at 4:00. To learn more, stop by the ISRA web site at http://www.isra.org . See you there!

Until next week, remember that gun control is a disease and you are the cure!