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More on McDonald v Chicago:

Celebrate the Supreme Court Victory in Chicago on Friday July 9!

Commentary from ISRA Counsel Vic Quilici

Friday, July 9 - Second Amendment Freedom Rally in Chicago

Friday July 9, 2010 from 11:00am - 1:00 pm at the
James R. Thompson Center
100 W. Randolph St. in Chicago

The rally that celebrates the restoration of the right to keep and bear arms!
Donít miss this event at the Thompson Center commemorating
the Supreme Court Victory in McDonald v Chicago!

Second Amendment Freedom Rally sponsors, Illinois State Rifle Association and IllinoisCarry.com, welcome the plaintiffs from the case!  Other special guests include WVON's Charles Butler & several local activists!  Cisco Cotto from WLS-AM will MC this event!

Event Details

It is important that we put our best foot forward and present the best image of Illinois firearm owners - friendly, courteous, and respectful of the other attendees and our surroundings.  Suggested attire is casual/business casual. The rally is outside on the plaza, bring sunscreen if you are so inclined. There is a food court in the downstairs portion of the Thompson Center if you need to grab a quick bite before or after the event. We have been instructed to keep the entrances to the Thompson Center clear and also that we stay out of the street and not cause a traffic hazard.

There are many ways to get to the Thompson Center via public transportation:  CTA Trains and buses, Metra, Amtrak.  Go to ChicagoRally.isra.org for more details.


Additional volunteers are needed for ground crew at the event, and will meet at 10:00 at the stage on the plaza.  Contact Don Gwinn if you can help out, send mail to: dongwinn@thefiringline.com.

More Info

Go to ChicagoRally.isra.org for more details.
Email questions to ChicagoRally@isra.org.

Special Commentary on McDonald v Chicago
From ISRA Counsel Vic Quilici

Victor Quilici gives his analysis of this landmark case,  here's an excerpt:

A Supreme Court 5-4 decision raises a red flag as to why four of the Justices could not see what freedom-loving Americans have believed for centuries, and which the founding fathers of our nation perceived as a fundamental, inalienable right deeply rooted in our nationís history, and implicit in the concept of ordered liberty. That right, most scholars have believed, existed before the passage of the 2nd Amendment. The majority made frequent references to the pre-existing right of self-defense, which is the back-bone of the Second Amendment, and there is much to be said about the majorityís dissection of the strained arguments posed by Justice Stevens.

Read the entire commentary at the ISRA website! 

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