(Received: 07/19/2010, Posted: 07/19/2010)


ISRA Event Announcement

August 7 & 8  - First Annual Chicago Vaughan PVA 600+ Air Rifle Match
Inaugural Regional Indoor Disabled Shooting Competition for 2010

ISRA Past President James Vinopal is an active supporter of shooting programs for the disabled, with a special emphasis on coaching veterans.  He says: "I am pleased to announce a new alliance in the shooting world, the Illinois State Rifle Association and the Vaughan Chapter, Paralyzed Veterans of America. The premier event of this coalition will be a two-day air rifle competition in August this year and, hopefully, for many years to come. Sanctioned by the National Rifle Association, this event becomes part of a national series to promote and support competitive shooting among persons with physical disabilities. I strongly urge your support and participation in this program."

This competition is open to all individuals with physical disabilities, using the NRA guidelines for classification.

Held at:
American Legion #800
4000 Saratoga Ave.
Downers Grove, Illinois

Daily Relays: 8:30AM, 11AM, 1:30PM

Registration fee $35, lunch included

Download the Flyer and the Registration Form

For more info, call 708-947-9790

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