(Received: 08/18/2010, Posted: 08/19/2010)


Action Alert: ISRA & SAF file new lawsuit against Chicago. Your help needed!

On Monday, August 16, 2010, the Illinois State Rifle Association, in partnership with the Second Amendment Foundation, Action Target Inc. and three individual plaintiffs, Rhonda Ezell, Joseph Brown and William Hespen, have once again  joined with lawyers Alan Gura and David Sigale to demand that Mayor Daley and his gun banning cohorts recognize the Second Amendment as an individual right not subject to their whims.

After losing in McDonald v Chicago, Mayor Daley responded by allowing city residents to obtain permits but put as many roadblocks in the way as he felt he could get away with including mandatory training but not allowing the training to take place within City limits, all the while walking around with an armed contingent of body guards supplied with taxpayer dollars and trained on their publicly funded private for police only ranges.

Clearly Mayor Daley believes that firearm ownership is a privilege reserved for the wealthy and connected.  The ISRA et al believe that this is not only a violation of the Second Amendment but also of the First Amendment as 'Hizzoner' restricts the education and free speech of the citizens. 

To continue this fight, we need your help.  We do not have the taxes of over two million people to spend without regard.

Please make a donation on-line here , or over the phone at 815-635-3198. If you would like to mail or fax a donation, we have a printable form here .

If you're not an ISRA member, now is the time. You can join on-line , or over the phone at 815-635-3198. You can download a printable application form here .