(Received: 02/22/2011, Posted: 02/22/2011)


An IGOLD Message for you from

ISRA President Don Moran

Last year the ISRA won McDonald v Chicago. This year, with your assistance, it will be concealed carry!

We need your help, now more than ever. We need everyone concerned with firearm rights in Springfield on March 10th for our Gun Owners Lobby Day, (IGOLD)! Each year we have built on the success of previousí years events and this year promises to be the biggest and best ever IGOLD. We are growing towards 10,000 people! Donít sit home, we need you there!

With the major wins of Heller v DC and McDonald V Chicago, added into the recent midterm elections, the political tide is changing, but as close as we are, we canít get concealed carry legislation passed in Illinois without your help. We need you, your friends, your relatives, anyone that agrees with you that ďItís TimeĒ for concealed carry in Illinois. In 48 states private citizens currently enjoy the ability to carry a defensive firearm outside their home. Wisconsin, where it is legal to openly carry firearms, has a new Governor and their legislature has made it clear that they will pass concealed carry this session. That will make 49 states where the concealed carry of firearms for personal defense is legal. ďIt's TimeĒ that Illinois ends its ban on the ability of its honest law abiding citizens to carry the same firearms. Criminals have had the advantage long enough as they have been carrying concealed in Illinois for ages! The law abiding should not be put at a deadly disadvantage because of convoluted political rhetoric.

Join me in Springfield on March 10th. Once you get there, (buses are available from all corners of the state), weíll show you the who, what and where you need to know to effectively lobby your own state representative and state senator!

Iím looking forward to seeing you there and with all of your help, this will be the year that Illinois joins the rest of the country in celebrating the Second Amendmentís right to carry!

Continue below this letter for important IGOLD information.


Don Moran
Illinois State Rifle Association

Plan to be in Springfield on Thursday, March 10!

The event begins at the Prairie Capital Convention Center at 8th St and Adams, the doors open at 10:30 am, and the event starts at 11:45 AM.  From there we march to the State Capitol (with transportation for those who can't walk that far, a little less than a mile) and rally on the Capitol Steps.

IGOLD Updates:

Ride easy! If you don't want to drive, a fleet of charter buses will be arriving in Springfield from all corners of the state.  On-line reservations are available!  New for 2011: Buses from Lombard and Woodstock!

Show your support!  New 2011 IGOLD Hats, T-shirts and Hoodies are available at IGOLD.isra.orgCheck out the special IGOLD raffle for the Loaded Black Stainless 1911 from Springfield Armory! 

Volunteers needed:  With a rally this large, IGOLD volunteers are essential to the success of the event. Have you been to IGOLD before?  Be a guide for those who are attending for the first time. If you have been a volunteer before, please volunteer again!  Find out more here.

IGOLD is sponsored by the Illinois State Rifle Association, dedicated to education, safety training and support of Illinois firearm owners. The ISRA is also partnering with IllinoisCarry.com, Guns Save Life and Sangamon County Rifle Association and other pro-Second Amendment organizations in Illinois to make our voices heard in Springfield.

ISRA needs your continued support.  McDonald v Chicago was not the end of the fight but the beginning. The ISRA is the front line in the battles for your firearm rights here in Illinois, such as securing your Right To Carry.