(Received: 02/26/2011, Posted: 02/27/2011)


ISRA Action Alert:

CCRKBA start own Rolling Billboard to counter Bloomberg's Anti-Gun Campaign

All members who can make should show up at Midwest Sporting Goods at 8565 Plainfield Road in Lyons on Monday, Feb 28 at 10:00 AM for the kick-off tour of CCRKBA's Billboard Truck that will spread the message that Guns Save Lives Everyday in the hands of responsible Americans!

This billboard truck will drive around Chicago for a week, then move to other scheduled cities: Phoenix, Los Angeles, Miami, Boston, and Washington DC.

When the truck starts out from Midwest, it will head downtown and cruise around the Loop.
 At 3:00 PM, it will move out the expressway system to be seen by rush hour traffic.   The rest of the week, the billboard truck will ride into town with rush hour traffic, moving about the Chicago downtown during the day, and again riding the expressways during the afternoon rush.  A run up to Milwaukee and back is planned for Thursday. 

If you see the truck making its rounds, wave and honk!

Learn more about the Billboard Truck at CCRKBA!