(Received: 03/03/2012, Posted: 03/05/2012)


IGOLD Update:
Plan to be in Springfield on Wednesday, March 7!

The event begins at the Prairie Capital Convention Center at 8th St and Adams, the doors open at 10:30 am, and the event starts at 11:45 AM.  From there we march to the State Capitol (with transportation for those who can't walk that far, a little less than a mile) and rally on the Capitol Steps.

Your Attendance at IGOLD this year is more important than ever! 
This year gun owners are seeing their best chances yet for the passage of CCW, yet at the same time facing the most severe threats to their freedom from the Obama/Emanuel Chicago Political Machine with proposed legislation to ban your semi-automatic firearms (HB1294), force you to register what firearms you are allowed to keep (HB5831), and place a tax on every box of ammunition that you purchase (HB5167) to pay for the hospital bills of Chicago's gangsters wounded in shootouts. 

Your voice is needed next Wednesday to let your legislators know in no uncertain terms that the law-abiding citizens of Illinois are not responsible for Chicago's crime pandemic, and Illinois needs to be dragged into the 21st Century along with the 49 other states that allow for their citizens to use effective armed defense to protect their own lives and those of their families.

Ride easy! If you don't want to drive, a fleet of charter buses will be arriving in Springfield from all corners of the state.  On-line reservations are available,  but buses are filling fast, Joliet and Evergreen Park/Matteson buses are full.  

If you are not going by bus, then carpool with your friends, take a train, do whatever it takes for you to be in Springfield on Wednesday!

Show your support!  New 2012 IGOLD Hats, T-shirts and Hoodies will be available at the Prairie Capital Convention Center the day of the event, as well as tickets for the special IGOLD Raffle for the Range Officer 1911 from Springfield Armory.

Volunteers needed:  With a rally this large, IGOLD volunteers are essential to the success of the event. Have you been to IGOLD before?  Be a guide for those who are attending for the first time. If you have been a volunteer before, please volunteer again!  Find out more here.

IGOLD is sponsored by the Illinois State Rifle Association, dedicated to education, safety training and support of Illinois firearm owners. The ISRA is also partnering with IllinoisCarry.com, Guns Save Life and Sangamon County Rifle Association and other pro-Second Amendment organizations in Illinois to make our voices heard in Springfield.