(Received: 06/18/2012, Posted: 06/18/2012)


Attend the ISRA 10th Annual Open House/NRA Day!


The ISRA is holding its 10th Annual Open House/NRA Day on Saturday, June 23rd, at the ISRA Range.  All law-abiding citizens are invited...even those who do not own a firearm or have never fired one before.

Here’s 10 reasons why you should plan to attend the Open House:

1. If you’ve never been to our range, this is a great opportunity to check out our world-class facility at Bonfield, just west of Kankakee.

2. There will be encampments of reenactors and displays from the French and Indian Wars, WWII, the Civil War and Vietnam, including an outstanding display of vintage military vehicles that will fascinate the kids and military history buffs alike.

3. All the major firearm manufacturers will be there displaying their latest merchandise and answering questions about your specific firearm needs.

4. For a small ammo fee, you may test shoot any of the firearms the manufacturers have on display, under the supervision of qualified instructors.

5. You may participate in the test shoot even if you have not shot a firearm before, or do not have a FOID card. You can try your hand at archery, too!

6. Bring the whole family, there will be a BB gun and air rifle range for our younger guests.

7. Have a hearty, but reasonably priced lunch provided by the Lion’s Club.

8. Learn about the ISRA and its shooting programs.

9. Unlike Chicago, there will be no flash-mobs lurking around the range.

10. Admission and parking are free!

The gate opens at 10:00 AM with festivities ending at 4:00 PM. All persons wishing to test fire demonstrator firearms must attend an on-site safety briefing. No personal firearms or ammunition will be allowed at the range during the ISRA Open House. Persons prohibited from possessing firearms will not be admitted. Persons under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by an
adult, but are otherwise certainly welcome. Eye and ear protection will be provided and is mandatory at all shooting areas.

Download and print the flyer at www.isra.org/calendar/ISRA2012RangeOpenHouseAd.pdf

There are opportunities remaining for volunteers. Download this page for more info:

Easy directions to the ISRA Range:

Please attend this Saturday! Please copy this alert to your friends and to forums that you participate