(Received: 07/11/2012, Posted: 07/11/2012)


The 6th Annual Springfield M1A Match

The Illinois State Rifle Association and
The Tuesday Night Irregular Rifle League present 

The 6th Annual Springfield M1A Match

July 14, 2011 

LOCATION: The ISRA Range in Bonfield, IL (near Kankakee, IL)

                        1 ˝ miles north of IL Route 17 on Warner Bridge Road

                        For directions see http://www.isra.org/range/rangedirections.html


SCHEDULE:  Check-in time for ALL COMPETITORS         0730 – 0830

Entries will close    0830

Range Safety Orientation & Orientation to the Match    0830-0900

Match will commence    0900

Awards Program will commence shortly after firing is completed and the range and pits have been secured. 

ENTRIES:      ALL entries will be made at the STAT OFFICE on the morning of the Match.  Entries will close at 0830.  

Daniel Lee Beck, MD (aka “Doc”)    Cell Phone (815) 922-4790

e-mail address   isradoc@comcast.net  

FEES:             $20 cash or check payable to ISRA-TNIRL  


·        ALL Firing will be done from the 300 yard firing line

·        The NRA SR-3 Target will be used for each Stage of the Match

·        The aggregate score of the four stages will be the final Match Score

·        There will be a brief preparation period before each stage

·        Rapid fire stages will be fired starting in position (NRA rules) 

STAGE 1:  Prone Slow Fire:  5 Sighting shots + 20 shots for record in 25 minutes

STAGE 2:  Prone Rapid Fire:  10 shots in 70 seconds with one magazine reload

STAGE 3:  Sitting Rapid Fire:  10 shots in 60 seconds with one magazine reload

STAGE 4:  Standing Offhand Slow Fire:  10 shots in 10 minutes  


1.      All competitors MUST attend the Safety and Match Orientation


3.      Current NRA High Power Rifle Competition Rules will apply.

4.      Scoring – NRA Scoring System B (Rule 14.18) will be used.

5.     While “any safe” center fire rifle may be used to enter the Match, ONLY rifles compliant with NRA Rule 3.1(b) may be used to compete for honors, awards, and prizes.  A 20 round box magazine or equivalent must be used.  No bipods, adjustable stocks or artificial support allowed.  Slings permitted. See match bulletin for 2012 NRA Springfield M1A Match #453.

6.      Target pits will be used.  Each Competitor MUST in turn act as scorekeeper and provide target service.  Competitors MUST provide a surrogate if they themselves are not physically able to provide target service or keep score.

7.      Ammunition and magazines WILL NOT BE PROVIDED.
You must bring your own safe ammunition and magazines to use with your own safe rifle.
NO armor-piercing, incendiary, or tracer ammunition may be used.

8.      There will be NO ALIBIS during this match.
If possible, you may safely clear a malfunction and continue to shoot until cease-fire is called.

9.      Competitors who are not TNIRL or ISRA Range Members are welcome.
You may be asked to sign a liability waiver before competition.

10.      An ECI (Empty Chamber Indicator) must be inserted into the action of your rifle
whenever it is uncased, EXCEPT during a preparation period or live fire.
ECIs will be available for $2 cash from the Match Director. 

11.      COACHING – See NRA Rules.
Coaching is limited to new and inexperienced shooters only.  Coaching for experienced competitors is not consistent with the conduct of an individual Rifle Match, and is NOT ALLOWED.  In event of such coaching, a competitor may be disqualified.  The decision of the Match Director is final in these matters.

12.      Cash prizes will be awarded by NRA Classification,
provided there is sufficient Match participation.

13.      The decision of the Match Director is final in all matters.


Please complete this form and bring it with your payment on the day of The Match


LAST NAME: __________________________________________________

FIRST NAME: _______________________________ MIDDLE: __________________

 Suffix:___________________ Date of Birth:______________________________

Home Address: __________________________________________________________

E-mail: _____________________________ 


ISRA Membership Number________________________________________________

NRA Membership Number_________________________________________________

NRA Classification (Please Circle):  UC            MK      SS        EX       MA      HM      None