(Received: 11/11/2012, Posted: 11/11/2012)



Fellow Gun Owners:

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard a boatload of speeches about the history and significance of Veteran’s Day. So, I will be short and not belabor points you’ve surely heard over and over this weekend. While you’re contemplating the significance of Veteran’s Day, I would like you to keep 5 things in mind:

1. Our veterans are ordinary people who have done extraordinary things.

2. Our veterans served to protect the ENTIRE Bill of Rights – not just the amendments that petty politicians take a liking to.

3. Our veterans have served the nation valiantly – fighting the foes of freedom in the air, on the water, deep in jungles and atop burning desert sands. Anywhere freedom has been threatened; our veterans were there for US.

4. Today’s soldiers – tomorrow’s veterans – stand ready to take on any challenge offered up by those who would see this nation destroyed.

5. Our veterans ARE NOT a special class of victims to be pitied. Rather, our veterans are heroes who must be honored.

So, if you see a veteran today, give him or her a hearty handshake as an expression thanks for protecting you from the ill will of others.


Richard A. Pearson
Executive Director
Illinois State Rifle Association