(Received: 12/25/2012, Posted: 12/28/2012)



The Week in Review 

It has been little more than a week since a deranged sociopath murdered 26 people including a whole classroom of first grade students.  During that time, we have witnessed what is probably the most brazen case of transference of blame on record.  In just seven days, the liberal media spin machine has absolved the perpetrator of this horror and laid the blame for two dozen murders directly on the nation’s law abiding firearm owners.

In the hours after the murders, many gun owners were surprised to hear leftist politicians, including Obama, declaring that all parties, including firearm owners, need to be involved in developing solutions to violent crime.  The gun grabbers were certainly singing a different tune there for a while, but the old refrain was quick to return.  A day later, Obama was wagging his finger at NRA members – daring to lecture us on “self reflection.”  He then thumbed us in the eye by appointing his crackpot vice president to chair a committee that will decide which guns we get to keep, and which ones we must surrender to the feds. 

Joining Obama was a chorus of cranks and weirdoes from the liberal press such as Piers Morgan and Chris Matthews who piled on gun owners with on-air insult and harsh invective.  Snarling animal Ed Schultz even went as far as to suggest that the police actively confiscate firearms from ordinary citizens.  Not to be outdone, a leftist TV actress urged antigunners to seek out and shoot NRA members. 

Yes, in one short week, Obama and his supporters have transformed the victims of this crime from objects of our compassion into weapons to pummel our rights.  The message to gun owners is that we are clearly to blame for the murders and we will be shunned by Obama’s America until such time that we contritely confess that we are the problem, and submit to the punishments that Obama sees fit to dole out.  Indeed, Obama intends to make the United States a very unpleasant place for firearm owners to live.  His plan is to neutralize us politically, isolate us socially, and deny us participation in the American mainstream. 

Obama is not finished with us yet.  He has announced that he will use whatever executive powers he has to move us closer to a gun-free America.  Emboldened by the spilling of fresh young blood and unfettered by concerns for re-election, Obama’s heart is set on making a name for himself by destroying your rights. 

The ISRA will continue to keep you up to date as the quest to take your guns from you develops.   

In the mean time, please try to enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones.  At the same time, we urge that you practice situational awareness.  Sadly, folks distracted by holiday festivities often become the targets of muggers and robbers or worse.  Be aware as well that Obama’s reckless political gamesmanship could incite extremists to commit acts of domestic terrorism.  If you see any suspicious activities while out and about this holiday season, be sure to notify the authorities as appropriate. 

The murders last week have resulted in the most severe attacks on your gun rights in decades.  We stand a good chance of beating back the anti-gun mobsters.  But, as always, we need your help.  Right now, the most important thing you can do to help save your guns is to make a donation to the ISRA.  We need cash badly to run our lobbying organization and produce educational materials for incoming political officials. 

If we do not get your help now, you may find yourself with an empty gun safe come June.  Yes, things are that bad.  Please donate today by following the donation directions below.