(Received: 01/29/2013, Posted: 01/30/2013)


ISRA ALERT – ISRA Monday Breifing Report

A lot went on last week, here is the ISRA’s viewpoint on what happened.


Last week’s most notable event was the introduction of Sen. Diane Feinstein’s “assault weapon” ban. As expected, the bill lists over 150 firearms that would be banned with the list including every firearm that even remotely looks like an AK-47 or an AR 15 or an FAL. Other provisions under the bill ban additional firearms based on certain design features. The bottom line is that the Feinstein bill would ban just about every semiautomatic rifle, pistol and shotgun in existence today.

Supporters of the Feinstein ban have described it as a “good first step.” We anticipate that the “next step” would be a resurrection of the “sniper rifle” ban and performance-based bans on rifle and handgun ammunition. If enacted, all centerfire rifles and handguns would be banned along with the ammunition they fire. This is something that the so-called “hunters” who support Obama’s gun control plan should ponder carefully.


As expected, both of Illinois’ U.S. Senators were quick to jump on the Obama/Feinstein gun-grabbing bandwagon. Sen. Mark Kirk is reported to be working with antigun senators Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) on a bill to crack down on so-called “gun trafficking.” Not much about the bill has been released but you can bet that it will do more to infringe on your 2nd Amendment rights than it will do to curtail criminal use of firearms. As we all know, gun control offers zero upsides for lawful firearm owners.

It should be no surprise that Sen. Dick Durbin has joined Feinstein to lead the charge to take your guns away from you. Although Durbin is now a co-sponsor of the Feinstein gun grab, he does not feel that Feinstein’s ban goes far enough. In a recent media interview, Durbin complained that Feinstein’s 10-round magazine limit is overly generous.


Apparently, the New York legislature agrees with Dick Durbin that 10-round magazines are overly generous. Thus, they recently passed a law banning magazines greater than 7 rounds and the firearms that accept them. The most obvious impact of this law is that it would effectively ban the M-1 Garand (8-round en bloc clip) and the 1911 pistol (7+1). The enemy is clever, and the slope gets slipperier and slipperier all the time.


Gun grabbers have been claiming recently that up to 85% of gun owners support Obama’s gun control program, to include the blanket ban on semiautomatic firearms. Despite those seemingly large numbers, the ISRA has not received a single letter, or phone call, or office visit from any of our members asking us to support the Obama gun control package. So, just who the heck are these gun owners who supposedly support Obama’s gun grab? Why haven’t they come forward demanding that the ISRA lend Obama support? Maybe because they don’t exist?


Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has shifted tactics to employ the financial markets to choke the life out of firearm manufacturers. Apparently his zealous efforts to take your guns have blinded him to the fact that the nation’s gun makers are the primary suppliers of firearms and spare parts for our armed forces. Running gun makers out of business will leave our soldiers without the spare parts they need to fight our enemies. m But then again, Emanuel has a different set of enemies than do most Americans.


Just over a week ago, firearm owners turned out in droves at a gun control recruiting drive meeting in Glenview, IL. So many gun rights supporters showed up for the meeting that the fire department finally cut off admittance to the event. As expected, the gun controllers who organized the meeting addressed the crowd with some very inflammatory remarks about gun owners. In turn, the gun rights supporters in the audience took issue with what was being said on stage. The mainstream press painted the gun rights supporters as ill mannered buffoons while making no mention of the hate speech being uttered by the event organizers. The editor of an on-line tattletale political blog even went as far as to accuse firearm owners in the audience of denying the organizers their First Amendment rights. The bottom line is that anyone who invokes their First Amendment rights to call another person a Nazi had better be prepared to have that person invoke their own First Amendment rights and respond. The gun controllers have to understand that we will challenge them whenever and wherever they attack the 2nd Amendment.


Illinois legislators will begin their annual attack on your right to keep and bear arms on January 29th. Keep an eye on your email for special alerts from the ISRA that will provide detailed instructions on what the ISRA needs for you to do to preserve and protect your rights.