(Received: 04/13/2013, Posted: 04/15/2013)



About 150 Chicagoans swooped down on the state capitol to let the legislature know that, when it comes to banning your guns, they mean business. April showers prevented another dozen or so protesters from showing up to hear riveting antigun speeches from the likes of Fr. Mike “Snuff’em” Pfleger and Illinois’ Governor DeLuxe, Pat Quinn.

Those who bothered to listen heard the same old stuff about how the solution to Chicago’s murder problem is to take the guns away from the rest of us. Nowhere was there a mention of how two-thirds of Chicago murders are gang-related. Nowhere was there a mention of how almost 90% of Chicago murderers have previous criminal records. Nowhere was it mentioned that about 75% of murder victims have previous criminal records. No, the message was that Chicago has suffered enough at the hands of callous, heartless suburbanites and downstaters who dare to own firearms.

Of course, the gun-grabber rally enjoyed huge attention from the gun-hating press. Early morning Chicago news programs ran remotes from local demonstrator mustering points complete with talking heads and satellite trucks. Special units of the Chicago Police Department cordoned off areas for several blocks around protester bus loading points. And there were probably about 2 reporters for every 3 protesters who showed up at the Capitol’s Lincoln Steps. By comparison, the press pretty much boycotted IGOLD 2013 despite the fact that we had in excess of 8,000 attendees.

Of course, in the eye of the media, a gathering of 150 anti-gunners demonstrates that there is a widespread mandate for gun control while, on the other hand, a gathering of 8,000-plus gun rights supporters illustrates that there are too many dangerous people on the loose.

Welcome to Illinois.