(Received: 05/06/2013, Posted: 05/08/2013)



If there's one thing we've learned from the press coverage of the NRA Convention this weekend in Houston, it is that there is no end to the audacity of the gun control movement. As is always the case, the gun controllers cannot generate enough public interest of their own so they jump on the coattails of the NRA event in order to launch one foolish spectacle or another. This year, the gun controllers sought to grab headlines by dragging Newtown parents down to Houston to scold NRA members attending the convention. The message from the gun controllers was clear - gun owners must step up and admit responsibility for the Newtown crimes and dutifully submit to the punishments prescribed by Obama and Biden.

Like all people of good conscience, gun owners were appalled at that the crimes that took place in Newtown. Nevertheless, gun owners really don't put much credence in what the Newtown parents have to say. After all, having a child murdered doesn't automatically make one an expert in violent crime or an expert in the U.S. Constitution or an expert in the shooting sports. Likewise, being the parent of a murdered child does not give one the right to demand that lawful gun owners give up their constitutional rights just to bring closure to that parent's grief. No, we gun owners will not be supporting any proposals to ban our guns, limit our magazines, tax our rights, snoop deeply into our backgrounds, or register us like sex offenders. As we have said many times before, we will not accept responsibility for what happened in Newtown because it is not our responsibility to accept. Obama, Biden and the rest of the gun-grabbing crew needs to understand well that our resolve is set in stone.

As the NRA met in Houston, the media kept crowing about the Senate's rejection of turncoat Manchin's background check bill despite the "fact" that gun owners "support" background checks. Granted, most gun owners support the notion that dangerous criminals and the mentally ill should be prohibited from owning firearms. However, there is no way that gun owners are going to support a bill like Manchin's - especially when Biden and Obama had gleefully proclaimed the bill as being "...just the beginning" of a string of measures to severely curtail private firearm ownership. There is absolutely no way gun owners are going to support a bill after hearing such threats from the likes of Obama and Biden.

As the NRA's big weekend comes to a close, only two things are certain. Gun owners will continue to own guns and gun grabbers will continue to try to ban and confiscate them.