(Received: 05/15/2013, Posted: 05/17/2013)



The ISRA has learned that the gun controllers in the Illinois Senate are drafting yet another "may issue" concealed carry bill that would let certain jurisdictions "opt out" of issuing concealed carry permits. As of now, the new proposal does not have a bill number. That means that the proposal could come out as an amendment to an existing bill, or be introduced as a stand alone bill, or be snuck into a "shell bill."

Be advised that, as a matter of policy, the ISRA remains steadfastly opposed to any "may issue" concealed carry proposals. The only form of concealed carry acceptable to the ISRA is "shall issue" with minimal restrictions. The ISRA will not waver from this position.

Here is what you need to do to ensure that "shall issue" concealed carry becomes law in Illinois:

  1. IMMEDIATELY - Call your State Senator and politely tell the person on the phone that you are a law-abiding Illinois firearm owner and that you find "may issue" concealed carry to be unacceptable. Tell the person that you expect the Senator to vote against "may issue" concealed carry if any such bill comes to the floor of the Senate. If you do not know who your State Senator is, check this link: http://www.elections.il.gov/districtlocator/districtofficialsearchbyaddress.aspx.

  2. Pass this alert on to your family and friends and ask them to make calls as well.

  3. Post this alert to any and all Internet bulletin boards and blogs to which you belong.

It's important to keep the pressure on...do not let the gun grabbers hijack concealed carry!