(Received: 05/26/2013, Posted: 05/27/2013)



As we all gather with friends and family this Memorial Day Weekend, we need to take time to pause and ponder what the day is all about.

Memorial Day is more than just the beginning of the summer season - it's a time to reflect on the sacrifices many have made to establish, and preserve the freedoms that have provided this nation with bounty seen by no other.

If you visit a national cemetery this weekend, you can almost hear the whispers of those that came before us. Listen carefully and you'll hear their pleas to us to protect the special gift of liberty paid for with their blood.

When observing Memorial Day, it's important to keep in mind that soldiers, past and present, fought to defend our entire Constitution - not just the bits and pieces found fashionable on any particular day. Sadly, the sacrifices of millions of good Americans have been sullied by those who attack our Second Amendment, claiming it is irrelevant, outdated, and dangerous.

The sacrifices of so many brave men and women should serve as inspiration to us to fight on to protect the Second Amendment. The knowledge that so many gave so much should steel our resolve to defeat those whose politics demand that our right to keep and bear arms be diminished.

To attack the Second Amendment is to attack our entire Constitution and the liberties it has engendered. Whether an attack on our Constitution originates from abroad, or whether it is uttered on the floor of the Congress is inconsequential. One attack is no different than any other. As Americans, we must stand up and vigorously defend our rights and push back those who would infringe upon our freedoms.

In closing, I ask you to do two things this weekend. First, celebrate the freedoms for which others fought so valiantly. Second, honor the sacrifices of our troops by recommitting yourself to the tireless defense of our nation's Constitution and the guiding principles upon which this nation was founded.

Richard Pearson
ISRA Executive Director