(Received: 06/12/2013, Posted: 06/12/2013)


ALERT - North Shore Townhall Meeting on Municipal Gun Regulations
Thursday, June 13, 7:00pm

Several communities trying to pass so-called "Assault Weapon Bans"

After the passage of IL HB-183 (amended to be CCW) through both houses of the Illinois Legislature, Rep Drury and Lt. Gov Sheila Simon have issued statements urging the passage of local firearms bans during a window of time provided for in the bill.
Simon and Drury are promoting bans on semi-automatic firearms that you own under the guise of "Assault Weapons". This would likely include popular sporting and defensive firearms like the AR-15, and standard-capacity magazines for all kinds of handguns and rifles. Law-abiding gun owners could face confiscation of their firearms or criminal prosecution.

At this time, Deerfield and Highland Park appear to be considering new local ordinances.
What about your town?

If you live in the North Shore area, please come to this Townhall Meeting to learn what you can do to stop this effort to ban your firearms.

What: North Shore Townhall Meeting on Local Gun Regulations
Where: Vernon Township Community Center, 2900 N. Main Street, Buffalo Grove
When: Thursday, June 13, 7:00 pm