(Received: 07/03/2013, Posted: 07/03/2013)


ALERT Cozy border town to liven up tourism opportunities
with Chicago-style gun control scheme

Richmond IL to present gun ban at tonight's Village Board Meeting

On Wednesday, July 3, the village of Richmond will entertain a hastily worded gun ban at their next Village Board meeting tonight. Spurred on with a false sense of urgency by a letter from Sheila Simon, the village will surely vote tonight on the ordinance. It is not known at this time what exactly the proposed ordinance contains, but you can rest assured that this is Village President Pete Keonig's chance to be the small town mayor that brings big-city gun control and big-city crime to McHenry County.

It is important that residents be there at this meetings to voice their opposition by addressing the board. If you live in Richmond or nearby, it is essential that you go to this meeting -- don't leave the protection of your civil rights to someone else! Be sure to arrive early to ensure that you gain entrance to the meeting.

For status of previous meetings, other meeting times, talking points against semi-auto bans, copies of proposed ordinances, links to other resources; please visit http://isra.org/townhall.

Please forward this alert to your mailing list and post it on your favorite forum.

Please be aware of what's going on in your community. If your town has not been listed here, please contact your local city government and inquire about the next council meeting and the latest agenda. If you hear of more local attempts to pass an "Assault Weapon Ban" in another community, please contact the ISRA office at 815-635-3198 or send an email to the ISRA Hotline (hotline@isra.org) and pass along the info. Alert members have helped ISRA to keep you informed

Veterans: Are you a veteran of our armed forces? Your oath and your prior service to our country gives you a unique vantage point to speak from. Please attend a local meeting and provide feedback to the local officials.

What: Richmond Village Board Meeting - Agenda.
Where: 5600 Hunter Drive, Richmond, 60071
When: Wednesday, July 3, 7:00 pm