(Received: 12/22/2013, Posted: 12/23/2013)


Sheriff Dart's Tirade Against Concealed Carry Highlights Antigunner Hypocrisy

As many of you readers know, Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart recently launched an offensive against Illinois' newly-passed concealed carry law. Describing the new law as a "monstrosity," Dart complained that the law is fraught with loopholes that will allow dangerous individuals to acquire carry permits. Dart complained further that restrictions limiting access to state and federal crime databases inhibit his office's ability to object to the issuance of carry permits to Cook County residents. In the end, Dart threatened to seek an injunction against the issuance of carry permits to anyone in Illinois until such time that the carry law was amended to his liking.

The timing of Dart's rant against concealed carry is rather interesting. Just days before his tirade, the "Chicago Tribune" ran a feature story exposing the failure of the Cook County Probation Department to keep track of criminals out on probation. The article details the threats posed to society by criminals left unsupervised by Cook County's broken probation system - the most glaring of which was the murder of young Hadiya Pendleton by three-time loser Micheail Ward. Some of you may remember that the gun control movement tried to pin the blame for the Pendleton murder on the state's hunters and sportsmen.

There's a certain irony to Dart's protestations in that the good citizens whom Dart has targeted for permit denial are only trying to protect themselves against attack by thugs that the Cook County Probation Department cannot manage to keep a reign on. Let us keep in mind as well that, according to Chicago Police Department figures, better than 85% of murderers have previous criminal records while about 75% of murder victims have records as well. That means that the vast majority of murderers and their victims have had contact with the Cook County Probation Department at one time or another. It is also a safe bet that a majority of murderers and their victims have spent some time in a correctional facility operated by Dart's Sheriff's office.

Yes, indeed. It is interesting that Sheriff Dart is more concerned about issuing carry permits to law-abiding citizens than he is in rehabilitating and controlling criminals left in the county's charge. Then again, none of us should be surprised by anything the gun controllers do.